F*** Me I’m Famous at Mansion with David Guetta 3/25

David Guetta returns to Mansion for yet another F*** Im Famous Party this year for WMC. Words cannot describe the feel and vibe David brings when he plays his sets but rest assure it will be an unforgettable night. Simply ask all the countless celebrities and party going heavy hitters and Ivy leaguers around the world that have attended the famous party. Non stop radio bangers, hits and exclusive tracks will be the least you can expect from The F*** Me Im Famous Party here in Miami. Be sure not to miss this one.


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Sales Manager at WMC 24/7
It began when I heard the album In search of sunrise 3 by none other than Tiesto back in 2002 and since that day, Electronic Music became my first love. Having the luck to be born and raised in Miami, that love only amplified and grew larger in sync along with the EDM festivals, clubs & venues that this beautiful city has spoiled us all with over these long years of musical bliss. Electronic music flows through my veins and so when I was given the opportunity to hop onboard WMC24/7, I couldn’t let the opportunity slip. Music is MY religion.. what’s yours