Daft Punk headlining Coachella 2013 AND Ultra Music Festival 2013? Possible but unlikely.

An email has recently been sent out from event website Songkick allegedly leaking weeks in advance the lineup for Coachella 2013. On top of naming Phoenix, The Rolling Stones and Yeah Yeah Yeahs the lineup is said to include the much elusive Daft Punk. Additional users say that they received a similar email saying Daft Punk will be playing at Ultra Music Festival 2013 as well.

Rumors of a live performance of Daft Punk have been circling for years. This email, however, is not to be trusted, Songkick uses crowd-sourcing to create their events so even if the screenshot is real any user could have just logged in and created the event and at that point all the users subscribed to Daft Punk would have received the notification. Songkick did make an announcement stating that this is not a confirmed lineup and has since removed it. Besides, didn’t the lineup for Coachella 2013 already come out?

No to say it isn’t possible, there are viable rumors that the new Daft Punk album is said to come out 3-13-13, including a leaked album cover. If their album does come out next year it would only make sense that they would headline two of the biggest music festivals in the US.

What are your thoughts? Let us know if you received this email too? Would Daft Punk as a headliner get you to go to a music festival?

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