Highest Grossing Nightclubs in Miami

What are the highest grossing nightclubs in Miami? Nothing says the recession is coming to an end like spending insane amounts of money on weekends at nightclubs. With Winter Music Conference around the corner expect all these big spenders from around the country to come to Miami with plans to drop tens of thousands to see their favorite artists perform. These big spenders will pay anything to live the VIP experience in Miami.

The nightclub business is basically a license to print money,  not only do you charge every person $50+ for the privilege of entering the premises, you can also buy bottles of alcohol and immediately resell them for 10 times their cost, and people are willing to pay for it. As long as nightclub owners keep the music pumping, bring good talent and provide their guests with an  experience, the people are willing pay.

For locals we usually find our way to get into these places for free, but remember, during Winter Music Conference EVERYBODY PAYS. No hookups, no guest lists, no exceptions. This is Christmas for music people, and this week is the employees Christmas bonus.

Without further ado, the top 10 highest grossing nightclubs in Miami:

#10: Dream Nightclub – Miami Beach, FL $5-10 Million

#9: Gryphon – Hollywood, FL $5-10 Million

#8: Cameo – Miami Beach, FL $5-10 Million

#7: Space Miami – Miami, FL $5-10 Million

#6: Wall – Miami Beach, FL $10-15 Million

#5: SET Nightclub – Miami Beach, FL $10-15 Million

#4: Mansion – Miami Beach, FL $10-15 Million

#3: Clevelander – Miami Beach, FL $15-25 Million

#2: Mango’s Tropical Cafe – Miami Beach, FL $25-35 Million

#1: LIV – Miami Beach, FL $35-45 MM

Data provided by Technomic

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