How real DJs view the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll

With the conclusion of the DJ Mag top 100 poll I’m sure some of us were left asking “What Happened?!?”. Here we have a conversation between some real DJs that we wish we’d seen happen.

What are your thoughts on the 2012 top 100?

Created by Neo Vision Productions

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Chairman of the Board at WMC 24/7
Entrepreneur, music addict, workaholic, House Music DJ and founder of WMC 24/7. A businessman at heart and a software engineer by profession, music has always been my passion and ever since discovering house music I've fallen in love with the music, the artists and the whole scene. That is why I created this project, its my passion.
  • Lazar

    Aoki is the biggest bitch in the electronic scene

    • Genie Mc

      And fake

      • axs

        come on he is bad but not more than Guetta!!

  • Sammmmm

    Richie hawtin all the way ENTER ! David guetta you couldn’t pay me to watch one of ya sets #discoshit

  • Wess Vall

    Can’t breath! ahahahhaaha

  • Guest

    I doubt this is a real convo… funny though and I could imagine Guetta et al. coming out with similar crap.

    • Grubby Oik

      You reckon??


    • facepalm

      fucking hell, you must be american. If not then you should be.

      • NYC

        yes. all americans lack common sense to realize this wasn’t a fake conversation. amirite? /sarcasm

  • Trance Man


  • Youness Gouma

    Soooooooo funny !

  • Pitriss

    Damn i laugh!!!

  • Genie Mc

    Omg their as bad as each other

  • Genie Mc

    Check this out

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    It’s easy to cheat with facebook voite. DJMag is a hall of shame, no more respect for these crap people who blame voters for it!

  • Donny

    Fakes article I’ve ever seen, idiots.

  • Josh Bornstein
    • wmc247

      Already there buddy 😉

  • David Robledo