A look back at Burning Man ’13

You’ve probably heard your friends talk about it, read about the craziness that goes on there or even saw a reference to it on a website or show.

So, what is Burning Man exactly?
A lot of us have wondered this same thing.

Burning Man isn’t your typical music festival. In fact, it is considered more of a community/city and a way to come together with complete strangers than it is a festival. While some may consider the conditions of this “festival” too extreme, others annually attend to find peace and unite with other free spirits.

The 7 day event took place this year at Black Rock Desert, 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada between the dates of August 26 and September 2. Now, if you’ve ever been to Nevada in the summer, you know the heat there is no joke and neither is the constant thirst that you are never able to quench. Brutal is an understatement to describe Nevada’s summer heat.¬†While Burning Man may not offer as much music as you’d expect, there are plenty of activities to participate in including yoga, beer-in-hand soccer, hula hoop classes, open mic, a variety of art activities and such.

A variety of art installations are placed all throughout the venue that will literally have you in awe with even just the pictures alone. Paul Oakenfold, Depeche Mode, New Order were just a few of the artists featured in this year’s lineup. You may have considered attending this well known hippie-fest, but be mindful that preparation for it is key. If you happen to not have enough water, food, etc.. upon arrival, Burning Man reserves the right to turn you away from the event. Although it’s not your typical EDM festival, it is still an experience everyone should take up at least once. Think of it this way, if you can survive Burning Man you can definitely survive EDC, TomorrowLand, and Electric Forest!



aerial burning man

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