Madeon: A True Prodigy of Music

MadeonNewIndeed ladies and gents, this mighty young looking fella is none other than the main subject of my article today. But oh man, finally a great chance for me to rant on this. Where should I start speaking about one of the greatest things that has ever happened to my ears? And no dear readers, I don’t exaggerate. Today I will be speaking to all of you about one of the most impressive stories the industry has got to offer. His name is Madeon.

Now, I gotta tell you all, I’ve been following this kid for a while. So where does this success story start? A few years back, Pendulum made a contest for a remix of their hit “The Island”. And who would win this contest but none other than a 16-year-old boy from France spinning under the alias Madeon. So, what would an obsessed electronic music fan such as myself do upon hearing this wonder of a remix? You research this boy to the deepest, darkest depths of the Internet. Before and around the time this remix came out Madeon was releasing a few wonderful Nu-Disco tracks that immediately caught my attention along with a few bloggers appreciative of such early tracks.

It was a little after these unknown tracks that the boy wonder really burst through when he uploaded the video now known as “Pop Culture”. Essentially, it is a video in which this awesome producer uses a launchpad to mix thirty-nine different songs in three and a half minutes. In a few days the video had hit over six million views. It is currently at around twenty million. Right after this launch unto fame, he was already playing clubs in Paris and London alongside fellow producers such as Yelle and Jacques Lu Cont.

At a mind-blowing fast pace, Madeon kept on grasping the world’s attention by presenting his tracks on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 segment called 15 Minutes of Fame. Here, tracks such as his remix of “Raise Your Weapon” and his debut single “Icarus” hit worldwide audiences and captivated crowds in festivals. 2012 saw Madeon hit festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Electric Daisy Carnival.

Madeon’s success has made him the primary opening act for such huge stages as the Milton Keynes Bowl alongside Swedish House Mafia and touring with Lady Gaga on her Born this Way Ball.

That same year, Madeon appeared on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list on the 54th spot.  Continuing after “Icarus”, he released magical tracks such as “Finale” and “The City”. Both tracks are a unique mix of electro-house, nu-disco, and a French-pop touch with great vocals that give this prodigy his signature sound.

Now, after numerous months without release, this 19-year old electronic music storm has released his following masterpiece, “Technicolor”. Released yesterday, on his very own label popcultur, this track is transcendental. The beautiful synths and rises on the track create a colorful palette of sound and feel. Madeon’s music is now beloved by many, and it is my humblest opinion, that he is on a fast track towards greatness equal of such predecessors as Daft Punk (whom he calls one of his greatest musical inspirations). So, check out his new track and let us know what you all think of the French musician. Personally, I’m a big fan. In case you guys did couldn’t notice.
Madeon – Pop Culture Live Mashup

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