Miami Commission looking to stop Ultra Music Festival’s second weekend at Bayfront Park *UPDATED

The Miami Commission is looking to stop Ultra Music Festival’s second weekend at Bayfront Park stating that the “event will be disruptive to the local business community and area residents due to noise, nuisance behavior of festival goers, and grid lock traffic.”

Voting on the matter will be taking place this Thursday.

There is no way to deny that Ultra Music Festival brings in $79 million annually to the city of Miami, the problem however lies on the venue. Ultra Music Festival at Bayfront park leaks outside of the park and onto Biscayne and cause major traffic in the heart of Miami. Sure, it’s was a shame we lost Bicentennial Park, but come on people, its Ultra! Hundreds of thousands of people travel from around the to come to the beautiful Miami!! Name another event that does this for Miami?

Perhaps its time Ultra looked for a new venue? EDC moved from LA to Vegas and it flourished. Trust me, I don’t want Ultra going anywhere different than my hometown, I’m just wondering if there is a viable venue in the South Florida area that could prove to be more suitable, I’m sure the organizers of Ultra have asked themselves this before. Remember, many years ago Ultra took place in Bayfront park until it outgrew it.

Let us have our second weekend. Let us create jobs and money for the city. Its only 73 days away, not nearly enough time to rearrange anything. Come April we can talk about it. Cancelling Ultra’s second weekend now would be taking the rug from under our feet.

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How can you help?

If you’re going to Ultra, don’t be a “nuisance” and also you can take the Metro Mover instead of driving to help with traffic. Show the people in Miami that Ultra is a good thing for the city.

What can you do to prevent it?

Contact Commissioner Marc D. Sarnoff and let him know why Ultra is good for Miami.


[email protected]


Petition City of Miami Commission (by EDMSnob)

If you’re interested in reading the full proposal to cancel Ultra 2013 ‘s second weekend, follow the link below:

Read full Government Document

An agreement has been reached between the city of Miami and the organizers of Ultra Music Festival. The city of Miami will allow the second weekend to happen. The catch, Ultra will have to pay half a million dollars to Miami Dade police and fire department.

So relax. Ultra’s second weekend is still on as scheduled.

My question now is. If the city claimed that Ultra was causing businesses in the area to loose business, why is this half a million dollars going to the police and fire department and not the businesses that were supposedly affected?

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