Miami’s Weekend Guide: Labor Day Weekend Madness

My sweet, sweet party people. Labor Day weekend approaches, and though it signifies the end of the summer and going back to school, we here in Miami need to take every single chance we get to party and celebrate. Why wouldn’t we? With some of the best venues in the world in our own city ready to dish out some of the craziest parties the industry has to offer. Prepare thyselves for some intense partying people; after all, you won’t have to go to work that Monday.



The Miami venue for intense clubbing and a little something on the side. Surprisingly, Space has packed itself with some upscale artists for this weekend in the hopes of making sure you can’t get up on Monday from those sore muscles. Friday, August 30th will sport an extremely varied lineup with notables such as Showtek, Myon & Shane 54, ETC!ETC! and many more! There’s a little bit of everything for you multi-genre loving peoples. Also, if you follow Moombahton Mondays, you know ETC! ETC! will be quite a treat for your musical palette.

Saturday, August 31st is the day for turntablism. Miami native and DJ legend Craze will be headlining a beast set along with Johnny Terror and Radamas at the Base. If you know anything about turntablism, then you know you need to be there for Craze. Go show some respect to DJ elders. This same day is sporting yet another legend at this same venue. Laidback Luke will be destroying the Terrace along with Gina Turner and Space resident Louis Puig. If ya’ll are lucky, you might get a little Nouveau Yorican tracks from the Laidback Luke and Gina Turner combination they’re known as. If you haven’t heard any tracks from this combined duo, then you should get to it. Now.




One of the premier nightclubs in Miami would like to remind you why it is at the top of the list. Gathering a “little” talent from some diverse crowd, this weekend at Story promises to be one hell of a good time. Thursday, August 29th will be hosting Stevie J for some good grooving.

Friday, August 30th, will be hosting David Guetta. Yes, I did just write that. Whatever your opinion may be on Guetta’s music and mainstream leniency, you know for a fact that it’s an exciting night and an impressive booking on the venues part. So why not go and jam out to some of your favorite tracks? Let’s face it; we all love those tracks, no matter what we think about Guetta.

Saturday, August 31st, will be hosting Cassy for some Underground Story action. Lastly, Sunday will have Martin Solveig taking over the turntables. I don’t know about you guys, but this dude puts on one hell of a show. His pumping tracks and happy-go-lucky attitude will excite anybody. Why not go party it up with the man that always says “Hello”?


Great Labor Day weekend 2013 in Miami


Another premier nightclub in Miami refuses to be left behind this Labor Day weekend by booking some similarly crazy talent. Thursday, August 29th will be opening its doors for crowd favorite Calvin Harris. Yes ladies, Calvin Harris. I know ya’ll want to go and sing your hearts out to all his wonderful tracks. Not gonna lie, he throws down one mean set too, definitely a good way to spend any night of your life.

Friday, August 30th, LIV presents DJ Vice for some good jams and crazy partying. And if you’re still willing to party it up for another day (and why wouldn’t you?), Saturday, August 31st, R3hab will be tearing up the clubs’ speakers with some crazy ass tunes. I’m not gonna sugar coat it people, this dude throws down some intense sets. But take it from me; it’s totally worth your ear therapeutic expenses for the next day, promise. Both R3hab and Calvin Harris will be accompanied by resident DJ Mednas.




Ah, Mansion. I love this place. True to its name and fame (aside from my undying love for it), Mansion has prepared a similarly breath-taking line-up for this weekend. Friday August 30th will be Chase and Status day. Oh yeah, I just got a shiver down my spine with that. I don’t generally like to use this term, but I shall make an exception, it’s gonna be turned up.

Saturday, August 31st will host legend Mark Knight. This dude. Those sets. That music. I can’t even begin to describe to anybody how much this dude’s sets alter anybodies mood. You’ll go from enjoying the music to tripping into it. Needless to say, you should definitely be there. Lastly, Sunday September 1st, Mansion is bringing Knife Party to its stage. Just as devastating as Chase and Status, with a little “Internet Friends” on the side. This monster duo is a show worthy of praise. So if you don’t have any other plans it’s a good place to spend your extra party night at.



Nightclub Wall is more discreetly rocking your socks this weekend. Saturday, August 31st will present DJ Fergie and Sunday, September 1st is Moguai’s night. Both of these DJ’s are great artists in the scene and are sure to dish out some sweet music for you all. Fergie can usually be found at Hakkasan Las Vegas, so why not catch him this time around while he takes a break from the strip and goes insane at the beach?



I decided to add this event because of one simple reason. EC Twins’ remix of Lana del Rey’s song, “Young and Beautiful”. The DJ Duo is still up and coming, but their productions and remixes are definitely promising and aim to be future club bangers. If you have some time to check it out it would definitely be a joint to check out.


Nikki Beach Club

As it usually happens, Nikki Beach is taking advantage of another holiday to enclose its sandy setting to provide some festival-like experience to it’s patrons. That is if festivals included VIP tables, bottle service, beach couches, expensive drinks, beautiful waitresses and sexy women in bikinis all day.

Oh, right, and then there’s the line up. With a varied mix of famous talent, up and coming, and some local notables, the line-up is quite exciting. This festival will include Kurdmaverick, Junior Sanchez, Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero, Armand Pena, Digital Lab, Jus Ske, Cocodrills, Paul E, YSL, DMS 12 and DJ Roland Clark.

I don’t think it’s necessary, but regardless, I’m gonna educate you all a little bit. Harry ‘Choo Choo’ is a pretty big deal in the house scene, and if you’ve never heard a track or a set, you’re just wasting away in life. It goes without saying that Digital Lab is a talented fellow in the progressive scene, and probably one of my favorites. Lastly, Roland Clark. Oh mighty Jesus, Roland Clark. For my deep people, you all know exactly who Roland Clark is. If you’ve ever heard a deep sexy voice on a techno, deep house or tech house that made you feel like getting in deeper, it was probably Roland Clark. Or Chris the Voice, but he’s not coming to Miami, so go see Roland Clark. This event is happening on Monday, September 2nd from 12pm to 3am.

I know every single one of you wants to go and dance to some deep tracks surrounded by beautiful people as you’re serenaded by some great house beats and that Roland Clark voice.


Grand Central

Friday, August 30th Miami-natives and an inspirational success story will be hitting the turntables at Grand Central. GTA, the 305 duo, return to Miami to remind themselves and us why Miami does it better. If you haven’t gotten around to listening to their tracks, mashups, remixes and originals then you’re clearly not prideful enough of what this city, and music, has to offer. I like big names as much as anybody else, but this is the kind of talent you should be supporting, because they will be big.


Fontainebleau Pool

This Labor Day Weekend, the Fontainebleau is preparing one of it’s legendary events known as “Bleaulive” for all the beautifully rich people willing to live it up like Kings and Queens. This year, the wonder hotel will be presenting Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke for a night of crazy fun, drunken dancing, loud singing and eventually blurred lines. So, if you have the cash or just really wanna treat yourself this weekend, go lay by the pool in Miami’s grandest hotel for one of the cities’ hottest party. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky and those really hot girls from the video will be there as well. And for the ladies, it’s very simple, Robin Thicke. I don’t think I need to elaborate on that.

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