TomorrowWorld Starts Today! Here’s 5 reasons to be excited

1) A new era of music festivals is upon us

The era of electronic music is here, and as we see the music festival we know and love grow to epic proportions (Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival) we now see international shows being imported to the U.S., such is the case of TomorrowWorld, the international edition of TomorrowLand brought all the way from Belgium to deliver the european music festival experience.

Here’s what to expect:

2) The Insane Lineups

With over 300 artists the problem is going to be how to choose.

3) This is more than a festival, its a small city for the weekend.

Not only do we have 8 stages spanning over three days each day but we also have 5 districts, a sleeping area called Dreamville (with its own private show), and an expected crowd of hundred of thousands of people coming to the Chattahoochee Hills in Georgia.


4) The Music Festival Experience, VIP Style

Enjoy the luxuries of your favorite high end nightclub at a music festival. Take a look at how LIV is partnering up with TomorrowWorld to bring you all the comforts of home.


 5) The best is yet to come…

These festivals are getting bigger every year, putting pressure on themselves as well as their competitors to step it up every year. Lets hope this trend continues and music festival organizers keep striving to bringing better music festival experiences with even more artists, all joining together for the love of the music.

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