The Magic behind Above & Beyond coming to Mansion Miami

There is something very special in the air when this legendary trance trio comes into town. The ability to bring so many people together through such an emotional state of bliss is something almost exclusive to them in this day and age of EDM. Every time they play they unleash some of the most heart felt music to their fans in a way that touches everyone at their core and the result is a sea of people joined together in a tearful journey of happiness and euphoria. “Group Therapy” its called and it seems to be the only appropriate way to label such a moment. Countless sold out events and even including their latest Acoustic shows in LA and now its Miami’s turn to experience Group Therapy at Mansion. Be sure to get the last tier of tickets here before this event unsurprisingly sells out.

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Sales Manager at WMC 24/7
It began when I heard the album In search of sunrise 3 by none other than Tiesto back in 2002 and since that day, Electronic Music became my first love. Having the luck to be born and raised in Miami, that love only amplified and grew larger in sync along with the EDM festivals, clubs & venues that this beautiful city has spoiled us all with over these long years of musical bliss. Electronic music flows through my veins and so when I was given the opportunity to hop onboard WMC24/7, I couldn’t let the opportunity slip. Music is MY religion.. what’s yours