The Life and Times of LIV’s Resident DJ Mednas

The life and times of a resident DJ Mednas, LIV’s resident DJ. Fame, Glamour, and of course House Music.

LIV exemplifies the luxury of the nightclub scene in Miami, and while almost every major DJ plays here throughout the year, only one plays every night. Mednas.

Originally from Morocco, Mednas got his first taste of professional DJing in Spain where he played at Pacha and Arena. After moving to Miami Erick Morillo brought him into the Subliminal Session parties that were happening at Arkadia and later at LIV.  Now you can find him basically every weekend at LIV and all around Miami as well. He has even become a “huge inspiration” to Calvin Harris 😉 (see video above).

So if you’ve wandered who gets your party started when you go to LIV, now you know, and for those who haven’t seen Mednas yet, here’s a taste.


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