What Miami can learn from Las Vegas’ Newest Nightclub, Hakkasan

If you’ve taken a stroll through Miami recently, I am sure you’ve seen the cabs with advertisements of such DJs as Hardwell or Calvin Harris playing at Hakkasan. Excitedly, you lookup the advertisement to see where this club is. Then you realize that the advertisement is for a nightclub in Las Vegas.

After much expectation, Hakkasan Las Vegas has opened its doors to the public. But what makes this club so special? It’s size? The DJs? It’s reputation? It’s Glamour? Or is it the experience? Let’s forget for a moment that venue sports 5 floors, is 80,000 square feet large, has 2 floors dedicated to the nightclub, is on the Las Vegas strip, and that it has massive financial backing. The club has the one thing that any nightclub should have to succeed, good music.

While many clubs in Miami sport an amazing clubbing experience, a good number of special performances and a large space, they depend too much on external factors to drive their success. Clubs in Miami depend on hype, word of mouth, their reputation, and the extravaganza associated with them. But what truly makes a club successful? I believe most of our readers would agree, that successful nightclubs have killer DJs. What’s the best way to ensure a killer show every night? You sign a contract for a residency with the best and most desired DJs in the industry.


Hakkasan Resident DJs in GQ Magazine

Hakkasan now sports one of the most amazing resident DJ lineups in the world (if not THE most amazing one) with such artists as Tiesto, Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris, Hardwell, Laidback Luke, Nervo, Bob Sinclair and many more. It is not the simple fact that Hakkasan brings such DJs to its booth nightly; it’s the way that they are lined up. DJs such as Fergie are the opening sets to legends such as Tiesto. Deadmau5 can open the show with a light set for Steve Aoki. That is a performance that before couldn’t be lived outside of the music festival experience, until Hakkasan Las Vegas.

Now, with advertisement around the world, a killer DJ lineup, and a huge financial backing, Hakkasan has set a precedent for clubs around the United States. The structure, now being called the “King of Clubs”, is a perfect example of what clubs in Miami need to succeed. Hakkasan is not concerned with a reputation or hype, because it is brand new club. Instead, they have focused in becoming the greatest. Clubs such as LIV and Story no longer compete with other clubs in Miami; they now compete with clubs around the world. Hakkasan has taken a whole new approach to this challenge. They figured that with a DJ lineup highly desired by its public, with a clubbing space that allows for a festival-like feel, and the desire to become the best, they are creating one of the most amazing clubbing experiences to hit the world of Electronic music thus far.

So what should Miami Clubs do? Very simple. Instead of spending their revenue in fruitless investments, they should create a new “King of Clubs”. These clubs need to sign artists that are highly desirable in the market in order to create a competitive and unique clubbing experience. Hakkasan has Tiesto? Sign Axwell for a residency. They advertise around the United States? The clubs should advertise in Europe. They have a 2 story clubbing space? Make your dancefloor larger to allow more people to enjoy the experience of electronic music.  Miami has to increase its clubbing experience if it hopes to compete with the worldwide market that it has become. And if you don’t believe how impressive Hakkasan’s club is, take a look at the images below, or better yet, listen to Tiesto’s testimony as to why he has chosen Hakkasan as his residency. Now that Hakkasan has set a precedent, Miami has an obligation to follow it or surpass it. As one of the world’s hot spots for electronic music, Miami and its clubs have to undertake this ambitious project and create equals in its coasts.


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