Who’s Ready for Moombah?

Whether you like it, hate it, or aren’t really sure what it is, moombahton is here and it doesn’t seem to be leaving soon. Started in DC in 2009, moombahton is a new genre of music, making an interesting blend of electro-house elements over a basic reggaeton track (the word moombahton itself is a blend of Moombah, a Chuckie and Silvio Ecomo song remixed by Afrojack, and reggaeton). A simple Latin groove with some heavy bass lines, power synths, and catchy samples? What more could you ask for in Miami?

And apparently, what more could you ask for online as well? In the very short amount of time that moombah has been around, it has quickly diversified into many subgenres, thanks to online channels such as YouTube and SoundCloud. At the time of this writing, the two largest subgenres are moombahcore and moombahsoul. As their names imply, moombahcore takes a much harder approach than its mother genre, while moombahsoul gives a softer sound than regular moombah, using smooth piano sustains and R’n’B-style vocals.


What is it about moombah that makes it so catchy? We can almost ask the same thing about reggaeton nearly 10 years ago. As any Miami natives can tell you, reggaeton was successful blend of Latin sounds with an urban overlay, and successful it was. Hip-hop was still all the rage at the time, so what better blend to make? With electronic music being the popular craze that it is (as any of us house heads have been saying FOREVER, for a damn good reason!), it was only a matter of time before the same successful Latin rhythms would be introduced into our electronic world. We’ve seen it before with tribal and Latin house, so it seems as though we’re seeing it again, this time with more bass, more boom, and simply put, with more moombah.

Whether you’re already here or gonna be soon, here is where you could find some moombah in Miami during WMC.

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Music Curator at WMC 24/7
It was another late April night aboard the cruise ship, and 15 year old Jose Maestri found himself talking to the DJ onboard. The conversation took a turn to the musical side, and lo, the young boy's life would be forever changed. He is excited to share what he's found in his musical travels, and invites all to join him in his never-ending quest to find the greatest music created by and known to man. And with that, he wishes you peace. love. music. always.