Deadmau5 playing a free show at Ice Palace is actually happening!

The rumors were true and it’s finally happening!

Deadmau5 is back in Miami and this time he’ll be playing a free show brought to you by Ice Palace.
After January 1st’s mayhem at Mansion, Deadmau5 mentioned never returning to Miami nightclubs because of Mansion’s audience being full of rude VIPs on their phones taking up the entire front row.
This left the true fans in the back of the venue, not being able to enjoy it like they could have.
Space Miami contacted Deadmau5 after the numerous rumors and offered him a gig at Ice Palace for his fans free of charge.

The date has been announced and it will be February 15 at Ice Palace.
Tickets go on sale Janurary 28 at 2:00pm!
Ages 21+.
This venue will be able to hold as many as 4,000 people and there will be a service charge of $1 at the time of ticket purchase; proceeds will go to Miami Children’s Hospital.

Let’s hope for an amazing and organized event!
Be sure to get your tickets Tuesday, January 28 because they will go FAST!

Let’s show Deadmau5 that not everyone is a snob in Miami!

Get tickets here:

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