Miami Halloween Events Guide 2013

Ah, Halloween. That one-day of the year that we secretly all love. Hell, I’d go as far as saying that we’re a little obsessed with it. And why? Quite simply because it’s one the greatest days of the year to use as an excuse to go insanely wild with partying! Crazy costumes, cheap drinks, great DJ’s, playboy bunnies, a beach and all the beautiful women Miami has to offer. With the beautiful perk that on this particular day, all the women in Miami choose the greatest costume to…well…fit their natural costume, if you guys catch my drift. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Because of the insane amount of events happening around that time, I decided to focus all my efforts on the 31st, which is, the special day. So, without further ado, We Must Club presents to you the Miami 2013 Halloween Party Guide!

The Delano


All Hallows’ Eve

At the Delano Hotels’ pool. An All Gold Everything party with fire dancers, a live art display, and some deep beats from DJ Tito. I haven’t personally heard any of this individuals sets, but he’s come up recently in conversation so I recommend you guys check it out while you enjoy some fire dancers’ crazy skills.

Haunted House

The Delano will be offering yet another event within it’s walls. This particular Haunted House will be held at the FDR Lounge and there will be costume contest for those whom wish to impress. And hey, why not jump outside to that pool party after you win the contest. You might have some extra money to spend.

Hyde Beach


Playboy Halloween Masquerade

Yes reader, you read that right. The title of this event has the word playboy and masquerade in it. Hyde Beach is an extremely sensual place as is, but they decided that for Halloween, they were gonna go deeper (intentional word play there). To ensure the ultimate sex appeal of the night, Hyde is offering a $500 reward to the sexiest costume and best bunny costume. Therefore, you can be assured that there will be Playboy bunnies everywhere alongside other sexy ladies. I don’t feel like I should say anything else.

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Blackbird Ordinary


Festival of Freaks

 Blackbird will have its very own celebratory Halloween event with sounds from Suenalo, Mr. Pauer and DJs Contra and Sharpsound. I don’t think I could properly express to you guys how much I love this venue, so I highly recommend you all consider spending some part of the night there. If the venue wasn’t great as is, I’m sure the sexy sounds from Suenalo and Mr. Pauer will certainly change your mind. I can assure you both have some mean sets worthy of anyone’s time and sexy costume moves.

Now that we’ve gone through some of the bars and smaller venue parties, it’s time to tell you guys all about what Miami’s premier clubs have to offer you on this night of wicked fun. So, let’s take a look shall we. Don’t get spooked by all the fun.



Cedric Gervais Halloween Sh!t Show

LIV is preparing itself for a night of wicked sensuality with some amazing music from the man looking for Molly. Gervais’ sets are quite entertaining and never disappointing. So if you’d like to go party it up with some devilish costumed ladies and some Molly inspired tracks, you already know where you need to go.

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LIV Presents the 10th Annual Penthouse Halloween Party “The Last Dance”

Going down October 26th, LIV will present another wicked celebratory party. This unique VIP party will have sounds from our resident favorite Mednas along Thomas Jack. A great night to dress up and see some of the famous people with vacation homes in Miami. You know, Kanye and Kim. Why not party it up and ask them about Planes and such?


Wolfgang Gartner Halloween Eve

Before Cedric Gervais can have it’s hands at the decks on Halloween night, Wolfgang Gartner will rile up the club with some of his dark electro. Backing him up will be Ruen and Mike Duece, both of which are also amazing DJs. I’m personally a big fan of Mike Duece, and Gartner’s dark tone will get any creature of the night ready for crazy ceremonial dancing.



 Annual Walloween Event

 Wall Lounge at the W is bringing you Robbie Rivera and Sick Individuals for a night of trippy fun. The event is themed “Neon Day of the Dead”. Neon lights, raver contacts, and Robbie Rivera’s amazing sets? Yes please. Any day. If you guys have not heard the veteran DJ’s sets, you’re seriously missing out on one of Miami’s greatest prides. So, get all those neon lights I know you have stashed away in your closet and go party at Wall for a true Halloween rave.

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 Link & MiamiRebels present GUTI (Live) & Timo Maas

 Here at WMC we like to support good venues and we are particularly fond of Treehouse’s events and feel. We’re also great fans of Link’s events and the DJ’s they bring to our sexy shores. Definitely a promising night with some certainly amazing music and a venue that, if you haven’t already, should check out.

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Club Fifty

Candyland Halloween Event

 In honor of Ibiza’s Candyland themed parties, Club Fifty brings you its own Halloween edition with some great talent and as you should all know, an unforgettable view. Headlining the event will be prominent DJ’s Cocodrills. Uh…they play it deep. If you’re into that deep house and sexy ladies dressed in appetizing costumes, this is your venue for Halloween. I know I wanna see a few ladies with corn candy bras and cotton candy skirts.

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 Miss Nine Transylvanian Halloween

 Ah, that just sounds sexy. I feel like I don’t even need to recommend this event because of how appealing it sounds. But I will anyway. Bamboo Miami has prepared a promising night with Miss Nine alongside Axel Beca, Hugo M and N’dy. A dark, red, and vampiric theme that is sure to make your night a bloody good time.

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 Halloween Night

 Mansion will be hosting Rony Seikaly for its night of terror. Certainly an oddity in the electronic music world, NBA retiree Rony Seikaly is actually a very good DJ and is ready to turn up the music at one of Miami’s most entertaining venues. If you’ve ever been to Mansion before you know that they will surely do something interesting with their cubes and dancers on the most hauntingly sexy night of the year.

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Back in Black

For it’s 4th year, Back in Black returns to Miami to give it’s ocean-side people a taste of dark, leathery, wild and sensual fetishes. The event will be held at Mansion this year, in comparison to it’s previous incarnations in separate stages. Regardless, if you’ve ever been to any of the other ones, you’re aware of all the craziness that goes down at these events. The event is promoted as a fetish themed party….so….that’s exactly what you should be thinking about. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike will be headlining the musical experience and I assure you his sets are quite impressive. David Tort is also a personal favorite of mine, adding to the excitement of the orgasmic music that will be playing.


Morgan Page in 3D

While I know that this might not be Halloween related, it is happening the night before. No matter what plans you may have picked for Thursday from this article, if there’s a single event I recommend above all, it is Morgan Page. A veteran in the industry, an extremely talented producer, a trance DJ of outmost skill and a great lyricist, Morgan Page is one of the best in the business. If his music wasn’t transcendental enough, his 3D light show will certainly finish the trip. The opening sets will be provided by Audien and Maor Levi. Both of these DJs are amazing in their own right, and all put together? Orgasmic.


LA Riots, Friday November 1st

After all the fun of Morgan Page and Rony Seikaly, you might think Mansion can’t deliver more. But you’d be mistaken. Friday, November 1st, LA Riots will be bringing his mixing skills for ultimate bass fun. So, if you still have the energy, hop on down to one of our favorite clubs and continue your ritualistic partying.


 Pimps and Hoes Halloween Ball

 Hehe, yeah, the name of the event. Now, before you all judge me, there is a very good reason I decided to add this event (aside from it’s hilarious name). The reason is Damaged Goods. He will be providing the musical experience for this interesting event and whether you feel like a Pimp or a Hoe (or not) his sets are something I recommend checking out. Plus, you get to see a bunch of dudes in purple Velcro. Why not right?

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Grand Central


Boys Noize Hallowen

 Ah man, Boys Noize. People, people, people. This guy. If you’ve never heard any of Boys Noize tracks or his sets, then you are slacking in my book. You might not even be a good clubber. A legend in the game and a killer producer, Boys Noize is a sure fire win for your night. Considered as one of the “DJs Who Rule the Earth” by Rolling Stone Magazine, his music is mind-blowing. So much so, that he might scare the beejezus out of you of how good it is. But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion. Go check him out for yourself and tell us what you think.

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While it is not Halloween related, STORY is still offering a worthy party on November 1st. Luciano will be taking over the decks of Miami’s premier club. I must admit that I have slacked and failed in not followed Luciano attentively, but regardless, I recognize his greatness as a producer and DJ. On the style of such giants as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano’s music is amazingly deep and greatly mixed. Definitely one of the mos prominent acts of the weekend.


Grove Robbers from Outer Space

Space and it’s multi-leveled faculties will be prodiving a great diversity of music for it’s Halloween themed party this Saturday, October 26th. The Terrace will be rocked by DJ Boris and Hot Since 82. The Loft will be entertained by Matador. And last, but definitely not least, The Basement will be booty bassed by none other than Valentino Khan. If you guys follow my moombah and trap obssession, then Valentino Khan is definitely the artist to go watch. With some booty popping tracks, and a moustache just as impressive, he is definitely a load of electro goodness.


Shoot the Freak Presents: Cajmere

Now, I gotta be honest with you, my faithful followers. I have no idea what Trade is. Never heard of it. As far as I’m concerned, its a new venue in Miami Beach’s Washington Ave. Regardless of the venues longevity in that street, what matters is that they’re bringing Cajmere. If you don’t know who Cajmere is, then I don’t know why you visit this website. A monster legend of the industry, with a alter ego known as Green Velvet, Cajmere is one of the greatest producers of all time. His sets are mindblowing, his tracks are production masterpieces with an insanely unique touch, and his influence on other DJ’s can’t be overlooked. If you’re a veteran of the scene, you know you don’t need to go anywhere else. Cajmere will be gracing us with his presence on Friday, November 1st. For 15 dollars. Yes. ONLY 15 dollars. I’m so thrilled I don’t need to go to a haunted house anymore for thrilling excitement.


Off the Hookah, Fort Lauderdale

Pryda Friends presents Fehrplay and Jeremy Olander

While I am not a big fan of this venue, I am a huge fan of anything Pryda has to offer. Particularly Fehrplay. He’s got that kind of touch that, while exciting, is still beautiful and pleasent to listen to. Jeremy Olander doesn’t fall behind either. Both will be creating a booming party for all of you hookah fans. This event will also be ocurring on Friday, November 1st.



If this is not enough for all the fun you wish to have this weekend fear not my peeps! Our events page will include some more of the awesome parties Miami will be offering for this wicked holiday. Be wild my friends, in sexy bunny and kitty costumes.


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