Interview with LIV Miami’s Resident DJ: Mednas

Mednas, also known as Mehdi Nassiri, is mostly known as being the resident DJ at LIV. Mednas currently concentrates all of his talents on tech house, progressive house and electro house. His track “Derby” featuring Nima Nesta hit the Top Ten chart on Beatport. His remix of the track “So Beautiful” featuring Parker Ighile and Hendrix was supported by Nicki Minaj. He has also been supported by EDM DJs such as Tiësto, Avicii, Erick Morillo, Roger Sanchez, Third Party, Junior Sanches, and Morgan Page!

WMC 24/7 had the pleasure of interviewing him in his own habitat, the Fountainbleu, where he is known for spinning his mixes weekend after weekend at Miami’s most upscale club: LIV.


Q: When, and how, did you start DJing? What inspired you to get into the world of electronic music?

A: I was more involved with electronic music around the 90’s, like I was listening to English pop, Depeche Mode and New Order and things that were touching upon electronic music. And then around ’96 there was this big turntablism when DJing was in the spotlight. And that’s what got me intrigued by the art of DJing; that’s when I started DJing and I was listening to all kinds of music. I wanted to play everything I liked in one track, so DJing was the best thing to do. I got all styles and played them. So, around ’96 I started DJing, but it was mainly smaller deals, you know making friends with bands and private parties and birthdays and stuff. Then, around 2000 that’s when people started to request me at the clubs like, “hey, we want you to play here”, “we want you to play this”. Which, after that I was getting bigger and bigger and began playing bigger events.


Q: Do you play music according to the crowds reaction or just play freely according to how you feel when you step up to the turntables?

A: Every club has a different style, you know, you cannot play the same or people won’t react to the same tracks you play in another club depending on the crowd. Mostly it’s the crowd. So, I have a couple of tracks that I have in mind that I’m going to play for sure that I know that work and will get people’s attention, but also I can’t play all the tracks at once.  You have to spread them throughout the whole night so you can stretch them out and make people interested, you know, you can’t play all the hits at once and that’s it. You’ll get stuck; people heard everything and they have nothing to get them pumped so they’ll just leave the club. So, that’s how I work my sets. It’s a give and take with the crowd; I’ll put something similar that they think they know. So, you know what can work with the crowd especially here at LIV, I know exactly what the crowd wants. When I listen to music I think ok, “this track will work, this track will not”. That’s how I prepare my sets. But I don’t have a set that I know that I’m going to play, the same set all night. It just depends on the crowd. Sometimes I can play a set, like last week, the week after that the crowd might not react to it. So, I have to change it depending on what kind of crowd, especially here in the summer. We have a lot of tourists now and it’s a different crowd from what we have all year long, from when we have a high season. It really depends on the club and the crowd.



Q: How did you get hired for LIV? Were you excited to start working as the resident DJ for one of the greatest nightclubs in America?

A: I started at LIV, I think in 2010. I mean I was playing other clubs here in Miami and I was working with Chris and Steve Martinez and when they came here they worked with Dave Grutman. They were looking for a fresh new DJ in town. They didn’t want to have another DJ from another club. I was playing around clubs, but I was still the new guy in town and that’s what they were looking for. Erick Morillo was a fresh guy for his subliminal sessions so I started with Arcadia so then Dave put me at LIV on Saturdays. So Thursdays at Arcadia and Saturdays at LIV. Then we moved the Arcadia party to LIV and I started doing Thursdays and Saturdays at LIV. So, it’s been going on since 2010 and it’s been amazing because we have a team that is…first of all, a team that loves to party. We have that kind of atmosphere. When you’re working and at the same time you’re partying, where it just doesn’t have that stress that it’s “work”. It’s a party, and you know, that’s what we do best. We entertain people, I do my best when I entertain people when I DJ. We have other colleagues that do entertainment production and everybody is doing their job and just make the party. It’s just the Walt Disney of clubs!


Q: How do you feel about the crowd here in Miami and at LIV?

A: The crowd in Miami, the locals they know what Miami’s about and Miami music is about so they react better than if, you know, we have tourists coming from another country, Europe, wherever…some of them are into house music, some are not. So they just go with commercial sound. They don’t know tech, when they hear tech with no vocals they get lost. So that’s why I have to be more commercial during summer because it’s the crowd that is not necessarily house heads, they are usually listening to what’s on the radio plays and that’s it. They’re not familiar with edm, that’s why you have to have commercial sets during summer. Then during the end of the year, it’s the high season and people come here for vacation and the party is different and more people in town so it’s different. Everyone comes to Miami. You have more freedom to play than when it’s summer because you have to be very careful.


Q: Who have been some of your favorite DJs to work with?

A: I’ve played with basically, like, everybody. So, I mean it’s really hard to say “this one, I like this one better”, but I feel more comfortable with let’s put it this way, Erick Morillo, Steve Angello, Calvin Harris. Those are people I feel comfortable with, they are all amazing people! You know, Axwell…these kind of people I feel comfortable playing with them, opening for them, playing after them because I feel good. They are not better than the others, but those are the ones I like to play with.


Q: What is LIV like during WMC?

A: During WMC it’s kind of like hectic because we have crazy lineups, like basically we have all the DJs. Sometimes every DJ, they bring their producers from the label, so you have every label does one party. They bring all the artists, so you have 6-7 artists in the same night which is really crazy. It’s crazy to have 7 artists to play the whole night, which is basically one hour each and then the crowd is packed. The production is crazy. So, we have it like that the whole week. We have 6 to 7 artists every night from Monday to Sunday. And that’s the difference from what we have at LIV during the year and during WMC.


Q: What does your night look like tonight at LIV?

A: Tonight I’m playing with Swanky Tunes at LIV Miami and this is our Thursday night which is a pretty solid party. We have been going on for a while. Basically, a normal night on a Thursday is I just get my new tracks and go with the flow. I walk in and it all depends on the crowd and then I start building my set.


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