Bloody Beetroots and Paul McCartney’s “Out of Sight”

As electronic music continues to rise, so do the artists from other genres that grow interested in collaborations. The most recent, and definitely the most impressive, is the collaboration between Sir Paul McCartney and electro-veteran The Bloody Beetroots.

Now, I hope none of you are mistaken by the above statement as to believe that McCartney is “jumping on the EDM bandwagon”. Au contraire my people, McCartney is a pioneer in anything that slightly resembles electronic music. Back in the 60’s, the Beatles founder was already rearranging tapes with pre-recorded sounds that were sped up or adjusted to his taste. Way back in 1980, with the release of McCartney II, the artist was already exploring his interest in electronic music with some unique synth sounds.

Most people are even less aware of the fact that one of McCartneys side projects, Fireman, has been producing electronic music for over 20 years. The project is composed of McCartney and Youth, co-founder of Killing Joke. The duo has actually released 3 albums and occasionally produces some tracks for other artists.

So, how is this all relevant to the Bloody Beetroots? As it turns out, McCartney and the Beetroots share a producer in common, Youth. The Bloody Beetroots is actually on the works for an upcoming album, and whilst working with the fellow producer was introduced to the stems of a song called “Nothing Too Much Just Out of Sight”. A track from Electric Arguments, the Fireman’s third studio album. Youth requested a remix from the Beetroots, and as the producer is famous for doing, he went on to create a whole new track out of it. When the track was sent back to McCartney, it was readily approved and highly appreciated. Because of McCartney’s approval, the Beetroots requested that he re-record the vocals for an even crisper and more original sound. And with a bit of Beatle magic, the unique track known as “Out of Sight” was born.

There ya go ladies and gents! Now you have a brand new, stadium-rocking track from the greatest vocalist of all time. AND! As a bonus, now you know that one of the greatest legends of rock music actually has three studio albums with some funky electronic music. Surely, because you all love electronic music as much as I do, you’ll get on those albums as soon as you’re done reading. Right after you jam out to the amazing drum and bass feel of some Bloody Beetroot electro.




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