Sunday Brunch: Bttn feat Himalia – Real

Twenty four-year old David Hinman, better known as Himalia, has been rather on point this year, consistently pushing out new tracks, killer remixes, and overall good vibes. The London-based producer was involved in yet another track earlier this month, featured on BTTN’s latest track, titled “Real”. Whether looking to relax, to think, to meditate, or to just plain enjoy, this song has all the elements needed to make any of those happen. A little more uptempo than previous weeks, the song has an overall happier feel to it. Need a soft pick-me-up to gently energize you? Look no further than to BTTN and Himalia.

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Music Curator at WMC 24/7
It was another late April night aboard the cruise ship, and 15 year old Jose Maestri found himself talking to the DJ onboard. The conversation took a turn to the musical side, and lo, the young boy's life would be forever changed. He is excited to share what he's found in his musical travels, and invites all to join him in his never-ending quest to find the greatest music created by and known to man. And with that, he wishes you peace. love. music. always.