Independence Weekend in Miami

We, the People of the United States of America, will be celebrating 237 years of Independence. While the rest of America dishonors its founding fathers and will be celebrating with fireworks, hot dogs, burgers, tiny festivals and boring events, us here in Miami refuse to shame our founding fathers and will celebrate with all the wonderful freedoms we fought to preserve: booze, bass, bikinis, beaches, clubs, dance and, most importantly, beautiful women. For, what is America, if not land of the free and beautiful? So, here at WMC 24/7, we’ve prepared a small list of diverse events going on throughout Miami. This way, you’ll get to explore the full extent of musical freedom on the sexiest city on Earth.

Pool Parties:


Americana Pool Party: This 4th of July, starting at 1 p.m. Happening at Fifty, in The Viceroy Hotel, on 485 Brickell Ave. With such talents as George Acosta, Andres Fresko, Felipe Kaval, Youssef and many more. Bayside fireworks, poolside BBQ, and hot women in tiny sailor outfits. Yes, I did just say that. Sailor outfits. Now you know where to go.

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Rony Seikaly’s Fourth of July Pool Party: I believe the title of this one should already tell you when this is happening. What I CAN tell you is that its happening in Hyde Beach at the SLS Hotel from noon to 9 p.m.  I can also inform you that it will be graced with the talents of Justin Sheppard, Patrick M and Louis Dee. Why go to this particular event? Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with hot babes fist-pumping in drunken madness. And you know, celebrate your country’s independence at the Beach. No biggie.

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Red, White and Blue Pool Party:  Also on the 4th of July and lasting from noon till 9 p.m. This particular bundle of celebration will be occurring at the Shore Club Hotel in Miami Beach. Present at the decks will be dBerrie, xKore, Andres Fresko and many more. So, what better way to celebrate our spangled banner than jamming to a remix of it at a pool party? I say very few things…most of which are posted on this article.

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Festival and Events:


Independence Music & Art Festival: Hosted by Damian Pinto, “The Voice of Ultra Music Festival”, at Finnegan’s River. It is this Saturday, July 6th, starting at 1 p.m. This festival is gathering some great local talent to pump up this crazy Miami crowd. With Liam Shachar, Mickey Destro, Felix House & Max Kartel, DJ Metrokz and more. This will be 15 hours of straight partying to celebrate what seems to be our Independence, but is probably a celebration of yet more booty shaking as Damian Pinto commands a wild Miami crowd to go insane. I know I’d listen.

Nikki Beach Fourth of July Parties

IndepenDance Beach Parties: Undergoing on two separate dates, the 4th and the 6th, from noon at Nikki Beach. Every year this event never fails to disappoint all of its sexy attendees.  And how could it? With Steve Lawler, Sharam, Victor Calderone, Sander Kleinenberg, Norman Doray, The Martinez Brothers and many more spinning the decks? Hot, sweaty and humid weather? Nice ocean breeze spraying it’s droplets unto beautiful golden skin to some of the sexiest beats Miami has to offer? Did I forget to mention this all happens in slow motion? I’m glad you’ve been convinced already. Hopefully you’ll get to see some of us WMCer’s there with you.

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Pool parties, crazy festivals and turned up beaches are all a great way to start your celebrations but I know very well that all of you party goers don’t stop there. So, to continue your party raging in celebration of independence and freedom here are a few venues in Miami with promising booty-shaking madness:


Independence Weekend at LIV: Ah LIV. These genius bastards. Because Miami is great, and America is great, our buddies at LIV have got quite an amazing line up ready for you all starting tonight. This Wednesday, July 3rd, will be hosting Kool Moe Dee Live along with Dirty Harry (and celebrating David Grutman’s birthday, you should already know who this guy is) for a hell of a start to this weekend. Independence Day itself will be blessed with the presence of a house God, Sebastian Ingrosso himself. Yeah, read that over. And after you’ve read it twice, I’m sure you’ll know where to go. Friday the 5th will be rocked by a personal favorite of mine, Gareth Emery. Lastly, Saturday the 6th sees Louis Puig close up a weekend of intense partying and glamour. Almost makes the British wish they could have been annexed unto us.

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STORY:  Because STORY. Miami’s new premiere club is also prepared to rock your red, white and blue socks right out of your feet. They will be starting the celebration tonight with one legendary party man; Steve Aoki. If you’re a seasoned festival or club goer, you know for a fact that Steve Aoki will make you proud of being an American when he pops that champagne. Independence day will be celebrated by two classic monsters of booty shaking, as STORY presents Tyrese+Fat Joe. Hadn’t heard of these two in a minute, and I’m sure there’s quite a few people excited about that performance. Friday the 5th. Well, Friday has Dirty South playing. This makes me want to forget any other thing I’ve recommended on this article and forces me to tell you it’s a top choice in my list. But hey, I’m only one man. Independence was achieved by a nation right? You’re free to go where you please. Such is the wonder of America.  Saturday the 6th has a line up composed of Guy Gerber, Davide Squillace & Audio fly. One exciting line-up if you ask me.

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Grand Central: Can’t forget that Miami is a multi-faceted city with a venue for every crowd. So, for the more grimy side of us Americans, there’s always a venue to satisfy your cravings for such debauchery. Independence Day at Grand Central will be hosting a master of such “griminess” as Caspa takes hold of the decks. If you’re a basshead you know exactly how exciting that is. So go fourth, Miami, shake that bass banner. Friday the 5th will be hosting Of Montreal, for our more hipster fellas out there. The band has quite a touch, and if none of the other crazy parties are your thing, this will be a more pleasant experience for your inner “non-mainstreamer”. Lastly, Saturday the 6th hosts Jacques Lu Cont and Proxy. Uh, those made me shiver a little bit. Both of these are great producers and worthwhile anyone’s night. So go on, party with the French dude, remember they helped us achieve independence. Now they’ll help you celebrate it.

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The Electric Pickle: Why yes, I did just go here. The pickle is a premier spot in our town for some of the nicest house music. Ever. Period.  So, if you’re anything like me, you know that some of those deep house beats are a must for a crazy weekend. The pickle is having an Independence Eve special this evening for which they brought Christian Loffler. If you’ve never heard of this guy, I recommend you get on that. NOW. Otherwise, you might be more excited about the idea of Johnny Cruz spinning on Saturday, the 6th. Either way, it’s a nice atmosphere for your underground adventurer. Remember, most of our Independence was achieved by underground gatherings. And hey, we continue to do so, as I organize a gathering at the Pickle to discuss our freedoms and rights as house-heads. Who’s with me?!



For all your neccessary ticket purchases (because there shall be many, I know) follow the link below to obtain the desired acccess to all this amazing weekends debauchery:

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