Moombahton Mondays: Hu$$el

It is monday! I’m feeling extra generous these days, in association with my great new theory of life. Because of this I have decided to give you all one of those tracks that I consider a secret weapon. This week one of San Francisco’s greatest Dj’s, An-Ten-Nae, will be providing you with an MIA remix that will make you reconsider what a remix is. Yeah, like that. Some insane bass, great percussion, and MIA’s sexy voice? Oh yes. Have a great monday everybody, shake it to some moombahcrunk! As an extra for you guys, this track can be downloaded…..for free. You may thank me later.

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“Confusion” by New Order. At age 8, WiDuh was first introduced into the world of electronic music with this song. Since this early age, he already appreciated the evolving sounds of a growing musical world. Now a DJ and a fully immersed electric lover, he joins the WMC 24/7 team to give everyone a small glimpse into the different artists, sounds and experiences of the most amazing music known to him.

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