Moombahton Mondays: I Like To Move It

Remember those amazing 90’s and early 2000’s tracks? Well, if you’re too young to remember or have been too lazy to take a blast to the past, some contemporaries movies have been nice enough to present you with this material. This monday I am presenting you all with one hell of a track. It will make you wanna shake that ass so much you’ll shame any Lemur ever seen on the big screen. Here’s a little Moombah rendition of how to move it.



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“Confusion” by New Order. At age 8, WiDuh was first introduced into the world of electronic music with this song. Since this early age, he already appreciated the evolving sounds of a growing musical world. Now a DJ and a fully immersed electric lover, he joins the WMC 24/7 team to give everyone a small glimpse into the different artists, sounds and experiences of the most amazing music known to him.

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