Sunday Brunch: Besu feat. Iain Mannix – Jaded (Fort Road Remix)

Get your headphones ready for this one, folks. Saturday, June 29th marked the release of Besu’s latest EP, Jaded, including one very deep and meditative Fort Road Remix. The Colorado Springs based producer and DJ worked Iain Mannix on the original to create a beautiful original vocal track, but Fort Road took it one step more ethereal and put the vocals almost in the background into a near trance-like chant. The EP is free and available, and in case you’re wondering, this remix is the fourth track on the list. But seriously though, make sure you put your headphones on, or take your woofer up to 11. Your auditory system will thank you for it.

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It was another late April night aboard the cruise ship, and 15 year old Jose Maestri found himself talking to the DJ onboard. The conversation took a turn to the musical side, and lo, the young boy's life would be forever changed. He is excited to share what he's found in his musical travels, and invites all to join him in his never-ending quest to find the greatest music created by and known to man. And with that, he wishes you peace. love. music. always.