Sunday Brunch: Jordan Rakei – Cupid’s Cheese

Normally just a plain ol’ singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Jordan Rakei is now a plain ol’ singer-songwriter with a new dub-inspired track, Cupid’s Cheese. Smokey drums, thick bass, and smooth voice blend to give this track a certain je ne sais quois about it. No, seriously. Try figuring out what genre it is. Have you figured it out yet? Of course you haven’t. You know what we call it? We call it goodness. With a hint of late night “company”. Enjoy.

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Music Curator at WMC 24/7
It was another late April night aboard the cruise ship, and 15 year old Jose Maestri found himself talking to the DJ onboard. The conversation took a turn to the musical side, and lo, the young boy's life would be forever changed. He is excited to share what he's found in his musical travels, and invites all to join him in his never-ending quest to find the greatest music created by and known to man. And with that, he wishes you peace. love. music. always.