The Voice of House Music

Where there has been house music, there have been vocalists at her side, but it wasn’t until about several years ago that vocals were really given such a strong focus in the majority of house music. Much of EDM has often been ridiculed by being a bunch of beeps and repetition, but that’s simply not the case anymore. As a matter of fact, not only are vocals practically an essential instrument on house tracks today, but a number of vocalists are taking center stage as the primary artist on these tracks.

But why vocals? Why not complicate rhythms more, or focus on experimenting with more sounds? Although it has certainly been done in the scene as well, vocals have given house music more of an “art”, almost giving it more legitimacy in the rest of the music world. Lyrics are now being created solely for house tracks, rather than just sampling existing songs or other sound bites. Vocalists aren’t simply metallic voices created on a computer, but rather trained professionals who make entire careers from singing for DJ’s. In essence, it’s grown from simply experimentation to a full-fledged creative production.

So who are these incredible voices that we’ve come to know and love? The good news is that the 80/20 principle definitely applies here, where 80% of the most popular house tracks feature only about 20% of vocalists out there. This is great for us because once you remember these names and their voices, you’ll begin to appreciate all the work they do and influence they have in this genre.

Male Vocalists

Andy P


Richard Bedford

Steve Edwards

Cosmo Klein


Female Vocalists

Shawnee Taylor


Kirsty Hawkshaw

Nadia Ali


Christina Skaar

Martina (Dragonette)

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